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Watch our virtual ‘Lunch & Learn’ as we engage with Paul, a thought leader from Feedonomics. This session dives deep into the area of great potential growth, one that is often overlooked by merchants.


Feedonomics is a leading product feed platform that enables you to quickly optimize your products through hundreds of channels.

A teaser on the details:

  • Fix product titles that don’t contain brand, size, or colour
  • Check for broken links and images in the product feed
  • Filter out poor performing products to maximize profitability.
  • Feedonomics converts the mapping to every other engine
  • Automated Google Merchant Center alerts.
  • Dynamically generate a feed through crawling

Feedonomics Highlights:

  • Pulls data from any shopping platform, feed file, or custom site
  • Optimizes product data and gets you listed on various channels
  • Provides scalable and flexible feed technology to achieve more through automation
  • Experience full-service and support from a 24/7 dedicated team

Features of Feedonomics

  • FeedAi: Categorizes products with Artificial Intelligence
  • FeedAMP: Gets products listed on various marketplaces and keeps inventory synchronized and up to date
  • FeedAlerts: Checks Google Merchant Account for errors and sets a system for email alerts
  • FeedTelligence: Compares Google Shopping feed to actual converted search terms.
  • Data Aggregation: Monitors and manages feeds in one place and process millions of SKUs in seconds
  • Dynamic Text Ads: Creates text ads for AdWords campaign, auto-pause, and alters ads.


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