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What is Smart Commerce and How can it Increase Your Revenue in 2020?

What is Smart Commerce and How can it Increase Your Revenue in 2020?

Through these live Lunch and Learn sessions, CommerceBlend tries to connect you with the tools that have the greatest potential impact on your eCommerce business. We invited Wendi Makuch from 4-Tell to explore this topic in depth. It is an area of great potential growth, one that is unknown to many merchants.

In this session with Wendi Makuch from 4-Tell, you will learn:

  • Engagement with content via an Intelligent Tray
  • Clienteling and the YSE (Your Store Experience)
  • BI reports and data connector for marketing.

About 4-Tell
The 4-Tell story began in 2007 when co-founder, Ken Levy entered his recommendation algorithm into a competition Netflix was hosting. Netflix was looking to find a better way to rank and recommend movie titles based on customer data. Ken in the top 1% of 40,000 competitors and was then inspired to take his algorithm and apply it to the ecommerce industry.

In 2009, Ken joined forces with Neil Lofgren to form 4-Tell with the intent to provide hundreds of online merchants with the power of ecommerce product recommendations. Fast forward past product recommendations and today 4-Tell has built an innovative personalization and data analytics platform that enables merchants to build long-term relationships with customers and increase revenue.


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