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What is Smart Commerce and How can it Increase Your Revenue in 2020?

Through this ‘Lunch & Learn’ session CommerceBlend tries to connect you with the tools that have the greatest potential impact on your eCommerce business. Wendi Makuch, a thought leader from 4-Tell explores this topic in depth.

About the session

  • Engagement with content via an Intelligent Tray
  • Clienteling and the YSE (Your Store Experience)
  • BI reports and data connector for marketing.


4-Tell empowers merchants to build meaningful omnichannel customer relationships and increase revenue by providing a Smart Commerce Platform for Marketing.

4-Tell Highlights

The 4-Tell story began in 2007 when co-founder, Ken Levy entered his recommendation algorithm into a competition Netflix was hosting. Netflix was looking to find a better way to rank and recommend movie titles based on customer data. Ken landed in the top 1% of 40,000 competitors and was then inspired to take his algorithm and apply it to the eCommerce industry.
Fast forward past product recommendations and today 4-Tell has built an innovative personalization and data analytics platform that enables merchants to build long-term relationships with customers and increase revenue.

4-Tell Features

  • 5x increased time on site
  • 5x increased product views
  • 4x increased conversion rate
  • 23% increased sales


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