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Product Customization and Visualization

Watch our live ‘Lunch & Learn’ as we engage with Dan Ostroff from Doogma. This session dives deep into the area of great potential growth, one that is often overlooked by merchants.

The Doogma Designer enables real-time product customization and visualization on your PDP’s, creating more engaging user experiences and propelling conversions. Working with a trained partner, Doogma can be seamlessly integrated into any e-commerce platform.

In this session with Dan Ostroff from Doogma, you will learn:

  • About the Doogma
  • Benefits of the tool
  • About Custom, personalized and Bundled Products.
  • Custom Nation: Why Customization Is the Future of Business
  • Industries that can take advantage of the tool

Doogma Highlights:

  • Responsive: Doogma has developed a custom product configurators offering the unique features and adaptive experience most suited for diverse online shoppers.
  • Social: Watch as friends of customers gravitate to your site and increase the ability to brand exposure via design sharing on the hottest social media platforms.
  • Performance: The Doogma Designer™ offers top-notch product configuration performance, swiftly, simply, and with satisfaction.
  • Possibilities: Fully supported design features include: feature changes, color changes, rich text personalization, drag & drop, web2print creation of print-ready output files, etc.


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