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Online Retailers Respond To COVID-19

Survey Results: Ecommerce Industry reacting to Coronavirus Impact and Reopening of Economy

Coronavirus has created an unprecedented social and economic situation globally. Sectors such as travel, hospitality, and non-essential retail have come to a screeching halt since March 2020.
In response to the shifts in shopper needs and behavior, eCommerce businesses have become fully proactive — to react in real-time to changing information and situations around the world.

Our recent survey highlights the effects of the pandemic on digital retail business from the second half of March to the present date. The survey has helped us inform e-commerce businesses making important adjustments to strategies and tactics.

Note: Thank you to all the respondents of the retail and eCommerce landscape for adding value to the survey. All data collected in our analysis is strictly confidential.

Question: What impact has the COVID-19 had on the revenue trend from your customers in the last few months?

There is a significant increase in online purchases because many consumers are accepting it as the only option while others are purchasing products they have never considered previously.

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