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No More Late Fees. Ever.

Discover Katapult a digital-first fintech company offering innovative omni-channel lease purchase solutions to your customers. 


Discover Katapult:

Katapult is an omnichannel point-of-sale payment platform, providing alternative purchase solutions for retailers and consumers. They offer lease-purchase transactions with no long-term obligation and options for ownership.

47% of US customers need financing for a purchase of $400 or more.

Katapult can help you capture this missing segment and allows them to pay over time through a transparent lease application process that utilizes our proprietary decisioning logic.

A teaser on the details:

  • Learn about the very unique solution Katapult brought up to the market.
  • Discover how you could achieve a higher conversion rate while creating a superior customer experience.
  • Watch our thought leader demo Katapult platform and see by yourself if they could be a great fit for you.


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