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In this live Lunch and Learn session, CommerceBlend connects you with the tools that have the greatest potential impact on your eCommerce business. We invited Joakim Amadeus Olsson, Commercial director at Findify to educate the community which will give you a competitive advantage in growing your business.

About Findify: Findify is a holistic AI-powered solution providing real-time personalized search, smart collection and recommendation proven to increase conversion.

In this session with Joakim Amadeus Olsson from Findify, you will learn:

  • About the company Findify
  • How to Increase Conversions through a more intelligent search. 
  • Why is great search Important?
  • What is great Search?
  • Why is rigid relevance is challenging?
  • How do you maximize conversion
  • Importance of relevant content
  • Q&A session


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