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How to Create A
Personalized Website

Nowadays, E-commerce customers demand agility and relevancy at any moment, from any place. This requires marketers to get SMARTER on how to match customer expectations. Create a personalized web experience for customers to become more important,to increase the engagement rate and conversion rate.

How to choose the right tools for personalization?
How to work with the teams to build data systems?
How to create segmentation and content targeting?

In the video, Daniel Townsend, Founding Partner of the reward-winning agency Plum Tree Group, and Gene Ferriter, the solution specialist from Plum Tree Group, and Meni Morim, the Co-Founder of Findify will discuss:

  • The importance of personalization
  • The 3 main areas that merchants struggle with personalizations
  • The 3 Big Opportunities that any merchant can do today
  • 4 steps to scale Personalization


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