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Watch our virtual ‘Lunch & Learn’ session as we engage with experts from the Fera A.I. team.


Fera A.I. is committed to helping eCommerce businesses gain the knowledge and tools they need to go up against the big players. With an ever-improving toolbox, they help merchants improve their odds of success against the large retailers.

A teaser on the details:

  • Add/Change Any Content – on your site without requiring help from a web developer.
  • Create Popups, Top Bars, Notifications & More – add interactive on-page components at any time and based on any time or action-based shopper trigger events.
  • A/B Test & Optimize Content – change or add any content, anywhere on your site in real-time, use statistics and science to determine the best content that results in the highest amount of profit for your business.
  • View Shopper Journeys – see a timeline of what the shopper has been doing.
  • Track Sales Influenced By Any Content You Add
  • Manage Store Content In 1 Place
  • Choose From Dozens of Tried & Tested Content Templates


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