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Running a successful eCommerce business is empowered by implementing targeted and customized marketing strategies through digital mediums. Of these, the most sought after strategy is micro-targeting online audience using social media channels for your eCommerce company.

What is micro-targeting?

Micro-targeting or micro-niche targeting is the process of targeting audiences by segmenting them categorically, concerning their interests and demographics, and targeting them using specific messages that induce their interest.
Off-late, one of the most important ways of ranking your eCommerce website on Google’s search engine is by implementing the process of micro-targeting into your eCommerce marketing strategy.

How can micro-targeting help?

A targeted form of marketing, this niche idea has an extremely impulsive effect on buyers, especially when focused on social media platforms. It helps you focus on what your buyers want and how you can align your marketing metrics to take their interest level to an extreme.
For instance, political campaigns are micro-targeted to suit the emotional factor of audiences. Likewise, “healthcare” awareness and fundraising campaigns are micro-targeted to tether them to the right target audience to gain visibility and recognition. These forms of marketing strategy are optimized to suit a targeted set of audience to gain maximum interest. In genres like these, micro-targeting helps.

  • Target only those audiences who show an interest in your product.
  • Segment interest levels of audiences and device optimized marketing strategies to elevate visibility among them.
  • Make an impression by using the localized words and ideas that reach well with your micro-targeted groups.
  • Activate interest in the micro level of audience. This naturally triggers a bigger chain and cultivates a curiosity to explore further.
  • Choose messages that sits compatible with a person’s livelihood.

How can micro targeting help eCommerce business?

Quite surprisingly, not a lot of e-commerce businesses realize the importance of implementing micro-targeting into their marketing strategy. Irrespective of whether you are starting a new business or looking to improve the reach of your existing eCommerce platform, micro-targeting plays an extremely imperative role in elevating the reach of your platform.

    • Using a micro targeting model for your eCommerce business, might seem difficult to operate, but in reality is quite interesting and easy, especially if you understand the knack. However, having said this, it’s also quite interesting to state that most marketers confuse contemporary forms of marketing techniques to micro-targeting. The true value of micro-targeting, on the other hand, lies beyond all these techniques. An aptly strategized micro-targeting technique gives you a receptive set of audiences who connect and collaborate with what you have shown. When it comes to your eCommerce business micro-targeting can be carried out through a series of digital marketing strategies. Of these, the most important form of micro-targeting can be carried out through social media.


    • Pivot your social media to implement micro targeting for your eCommerce business: Social media is an asset when it comes to implementing micro-targeting for your eCommerce business. Here are three important techniques you can use to micro-target your eCommerce business using targeted social media ads.


    • Precise Demographic Targeting Using Internal Data: Social media channels like Facebook, segment audiences based on age, demographic, and interest using their information from their internal data. These segmented groups of audiences play an important role when you choose to target these micro-groups through social media advertising. Facebook, at its crux, helps categorically place audiences based on their interest, age, and demographic location. This way, your eCommerce business can target customers based on their localized interests.


  • Localized Ads For An Emotional Connect: As an eCommerce business, it is imperative your products appeal to audiences on a personal level. Therefore, micro-targeting using localized ads plays a significant role in targeting user groups through social media platforms.

  • Behavioral Targeting Of User Groups: Social media platforms gives users a chance to segment audiences based on behaviors into separate behavioural groups and target them specifically to suit their interests. Social media platforms also bear the advantage of letting you choose subsets of user groups to identify audiences on a micro-level.

Play around with options prevalent in these social media platforms like demographics, interests, and behaviour and use an optimized micro-targeting strategy directed to these user groups via social media ads.

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