B2B Listings

We’re excited that you’re interested in joining us!

Before you set up your membership, we just have a few questions for you. The Commerce Council is a community for established merchants to collaborate with one another, so we ask these questions of everyone coming in. This helps us ensure that when you’re in the CC, you’re surrounded with other experienced Merchants.

After answering these questions, you’ll receive an email from us with placement options and available meeting times. We will only match you with non competing companies and other merchants that are in your “peer” group defined by the questions below. Once a placement has been established only then will you be invoiced.

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help. You can reach our team at community@commerceblend.com.

Few Additional Rules You Should Know:

  1. You must be willing to share your business openly with other members of the mastermind group. An element of trust will be a big part of this. I’ll do my best to weed out sharks and bad people, but there is an element of risk here that you’ll need to take on
  2. You must have a strong Skype connection
  3. Blog posts or public mentions about other member’s businesses are prohibited. Some groups will require the signing of mutual NDAs.
  4. You will not be allowed to record phone calls except when other entrepreneur’s are reviewing your site and you have received permission from everyone on the call.


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