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Feedonomics helps sellers create the highest chance of success in listing and selling products online, by converting raw feeds into highly optimized feeds. It focuses on supporting all major search engines, shopping platforms, and marketplaces in the industry. Feedonomics serves some of the most prolific advertising agencies, brands, and retailers in the world. It hosts powerful automation tools that allow users to query which products adhere to best practices (e.g., the title contains color and size), check for broken links and images, filter out poor performing products to maximize profitability, and classify products before automatically mapping them to numerous channels with unique categories. It even has API’s that bring in SKU level performance data (e.g., clicks, conversions, CPA) from all the major shopping channels. This allows for the creation of custom labels for automating performance-based bid segmentation.

Product Feed Platform Details

  • Setup import, transform and export rules one time, then the system automatically repeats the process on a user-defined schedule (hourly, daily, weekly)
  • You can be notified of any errors or disapprovals as they occur so you can make corrections immediately without delaying your feeds and losing sales
  • Full-service feed set up and ongoing support for shopping channels
  • Set up A/B tests for your shopping channels
  • You can schedule automatic performance reports to key team members–so they can always see what is working, or not, and make immediate changes to increase sales

Main Features and Benefits

  • Automation
    Automatically import products from anywhere and send them to hundreds of different channels.
  • Creating a master feed with Cost, Revenue, and Performance Data
    Multiple sources of data linked to see cost and margin data alongside your performance metrics, on a per-SKU basis.
  • Export Filtering Based on Performance Metrics
    Easily filter out weak performing products on a per-channel basis to ensure all your products remain profitable.
  • Alerts
    Get notified of any feed errors or Google Shopping warnings or disapprovals as they occur to prevent lost revenue
  • Join Data from Different Sources
    Easily combine multiple fields from different data sources.
  • Flexible Sequencing Rules
    Freely sequence the rules in the order you prefer–without having to create new ones from scratch.
  • A/B Test Any Attribute
    Conduct A/B tests to which you have access to, including titles and images, to see which will perform best.
  • Map Any Field
    Map any field in seconds—save hours of manually tagging each item.
  • Assign Rules to Single or All Exports
    Assign the transformation rules and data to just a single channel or all.
  • Custom Parent/Child Variation
    Designated fields to both a parent and child SKU to make it easy to track and export.
  • Brand Mapping Tool
    Take multiple brand names and convert them to a single brand, saving you potentially hours of manual edits.
  • Image & Color Mapping Tools
    Pulls images into the program and makes it easy to edit the color field.
  • Resources
    Tools needed to quickly and automatically clean and optimize your data without having to learn a programming language.
  • Flexible Field Mapping with Automatic De-duping
    Find, combine, and then remove any duplicates so unique values remain without having to rename each value manually.
  • Intelligent Category Mapping
    Categorize and map your products to industry-standard and Feedonomics automatically maps them to every other engine.
  • Search and View Discovery
    Search and view your feed using one or multiple fields at a time so you can find, view, and fix any problems before exporting.
  • Query & Preview Transformed Data
    Search and view the feed in the application without bouncing in and out of Excel to optimize it.
  • Query Preview Export
    You can preview your results before exporting to ensure you have the correct data.
  • Broken link & Image Checker
    Checks your data for broken destination and image links–ensuring your export includes proper images and descriptions.
  • Intuitive User Interface
    The user interface is designed to automate the feed process, while still providing easy access to the platform’s powerful capabilities.

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