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Find out how eCommerce is changing and reacting to coronavirus pandemic

eCommerce Industry: Coronavirus Impact and Reopening the Online Stores

Please spare a few minutes and contribute to the reopening of eCommerce stores by completing a short survey.

In return, we offer to share an advanced copy of the research analytics of the last 3 months about what happened in the eCommerce industry and give you a glimpse of how your peers are all set to get back in business.

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CommerceBlend Pro Membership features includes –

  • E-commerce Strategies – Weekly update on a strategy that curates the most actionable advice to improve your store on various impact points.
  • Premium Resources – Member-only tools, ebooks, templates, whitepapers, and webinars to support your decisions, regardless of which stage your business is in.
  • ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinars – Weekly virtual webinar sessions from industry experts to keep you updated with the latest technologies.
  • Collaboration with Peers – Network and share your experience with some of your eCommerce peers.
  • Partner Directory – Skip Google search and start here to Find and Review over 500 eCommerce tools that could help grow your business
  • Special Discounts – Discounts and special offers with the industry’s most popular eCommerce tools.
  • Q&A Sessions with Experts – Get advice from experts in your area who are willing to dedicate time to personally answer your queries
  • Website Audit, ROI Calculator and more
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