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How to Breakthrough Cross Advertising Using Social and Search

Potential customers can be found everywhere, yet reaching out to them should be done strategically. While some customers might find you through their own research on search engines, other users can become customers if you simply raise the awareness about your brand through social media.

4 Easy Ways to Map the Customer Journey through Attribution Modeling using Google Analytics

Understanding customers’ behavior is one of the most important aspects of moving your business forward, and attribution modeling is something you must implement in order to measure what kind of monetary impact any marketing activity has in terms of sales, customer retention, revenue, and profit.

Omni-Channel Loyalty Programs

Having a large number of happy customers is what keeps a brand at its highest peak. Building loyalty with customers is one of the most important aspects of the business-customers relation, and reaching out to them through a specially designed loyalty program should be at the top of your priorities. In this strategy, we will take a look at some of the most successful omni-channel loyalty programs out there, and provide some valuable tips as well.

Tips on Creating an Omnichannel Checkout Experience

Giving your customers an omni-channel experience when they are buying from you is an important aspect of the modern world of shopping. What customers want to see is variety, and giving them choices to buy through different channels is highly beneficial for modern businesses. In this strategy, we will take a look at the importance of establishing an omni-channel checkout experience and how the make shopping pleasant for consumers.

Build Customer Loyalty through UGC Social Media Campaigns

The popularity of social media opened a new door for businesses, giving them a completely new and effective way of reaching out to customers. However, excessive marketing messages also spawned a new level of distrust among consumers, who are critical of what they saw from brands and increasingly rely on peer recommendations and advice. Riding on this trend, businesses can become even more efficient in their marketing efforts through user-generated content on social.

Drip Campaign Best Practices to Re-engage Customers After Conversion

Drip email is not a new tool to reach out to audiences, but its role has been shifting to triggers that are more relevant to each customer’s preference in the age of personalization. In this strategy, we explore what trigger emails you can include in your drip campaigns.

Mobile SEO Strategies to Target Customers’ Micro-Moments

The reason you need a mobile strategy is simple: we live in a smartphone era and we want to capture these little moments in a potential buyer’s journey. That is why it is important to have a mobile SEO strategy. And merchants should embrace user’s behavior changes and implement more mobile-oriented SEO strategies instead of passively reacting to them.

How to Use Schema Markups to Improve Click Rates

Schema markups have been around for some time now, yet you would not find too many websites using it for their own advantage. Schema markup helps search engines know what your website data means and display more relevant result to improve traffic from SEO to your site.

Advanced Segmentations to Capitalize Your Web Traffic

The increasing sophistication requires a better segmentation strategy that identifies valuable customers to your business. In this strategy, we will identify effective segmentation methods by using Google Analytics to identify actionable customer insights.

Landing Page A/B Testing: What to Test and How to Test It

As one of the most popular and efficient ways of testing landing pages, A/B testing can give you some crucial information about your landing page and its conversion potential. However, in order to get that meaningful data, you need to have a clear goal in mind, in terms of what you need to test and the ways you are going to do the testing.



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