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Shopify delivers an easy eCommerce experience for both merchants and buyers with an incredible number of features, themes, and selling options. But, Shopify’s platform isn’t the easiest to customize! Especially for merchants who want a more custom online store, it’s usually necessary to hire developers or Shopify experts who know how to write code.

Shopify merchants looking for a way to customize their shops without the help of a developer, one of the more popular apps is Shogun for ecommerce : The best drag and drop page builder app for Shopify store.

The Shogun app has an overall five-star rating, along with lots of great reviews. It is a drag and drop tool for constructing beautiful custom-built pages and works for any theme and any marketing pages on a Shopify store: homepage, FAQ, About Us, Contact, other landing pages, promo pages, etc., as well as Shopify Blog pages.

What is Shogun?

Shogun allows you to create attractive, custom-built pages in Shopify. You can use it with any Shopify theme, and it’s built to be simple and easy-to-use. You can design mobile-friendly pages and preview how your page will look whenever you like.

Shogun also works with BigCommerce and Magneto, so if you’re on either of those platforms, you’ll be able to use it too.


What are the Main Features of Shogun?

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Beautiful templates
  • Analytics to measure how your pages are performing
  • Split-testing to optimize your pages
  • Choose when to publish your pages with page scheduler
  • Sync products between multiple stores
  • SEO controls to maximize visibility

Expand Shopify Design Capabilities

Customizing social media buttons, logos, colors, and some other simple items are pretty rudimentary tasks in Shopify.

Shogun gives page elements for things like videos, images, blogs, accordions, and more. Shogun offers limitless options for page design and structure of all Shopify store marketing pages and Shopify Blog Pages.

Integrate with Any Shopify Theme

Shogun drag and drop builder is going to work with whatever theme you select, be it a free or premium theme.

Pick a Previously Designed Shopify Page and Import It

Shogun helps you import and edit previously designed theme pages. Meaning, you can open up a preset Homepage, Contact Page, or Blog Page, and adjust it for your brand.

Mobile Responsiveness with Previews

Mobile responsiveness provides a better interface for everyone involved, so it makes sense that your drag and drop page builder elements are going to snap right into place when viewed on tablets, phones, and desktop or laptop computers.

The Shogun preview shows exactly how a product image or button looks like when someone is shopping from a phone.

Features for Developers

Shogun becomes even more powerful with its “Custom Templating” feature. Developers can build completely custom elements in Shogun by writing their Liquid, HTML, and CSS.

Shogun Support

Shogun offers priority support with the Basic Plan and the Pro plan. Shogun responds quickly to your inquiries, with knowledgeable people who know how to walk you through any problems that arise.

The Shogun developers seem to be on their game when it comes to connecting with customers and showing them the best ways to use the app.

Shogun Pricing

The Shogun app has a 7-day free trial for those who would like to try it out without paying a dime. As for the monthly pricing, you can opt for the following plans:

  • Starter – For $9 per month you get the drag and drop builder, a fully responsive design, solid email support from Shogun, and live preview functionality.
  • Basic – This plan goes for $29 per month, providing everything from the previous plan, a page editor for the Shopify blog, custom templating for developers, and priority email support.
  • Pro – At $49 per month you receive all features from the previous plans, custom data collections, and priority email and live chat support.

We highly recommend Shogun for eCommerce professionals that don’t have the technical know-how to customize every little element on their site.

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