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The SEO Audit is like an SEO checkup. A well-optimized website is still likely to have technical SEO issues, slow page speed, duplicate content, broken links, or anything else that could be preventing your website from getting all the traffic (and conversions) it deserves. Conducting a site audit can help identify and fix website issues.

What is a site audit?

An examination or checkup of the page performance of a website to determine whether or not its optimized to achieve traffic goals, and if not, then how to improve it to increase performance.

Why do you need a site audit?

A site audit determines whether your website is fully optimized for search engine traffic, has any broken files or links, loads quickly, is user-friendly and has top-notch content. Your site may be generating traffic but conducting regular site audits is important if you want to be sure that it is reaching its full potential.

CommerceBlend audit tool is built to scan the resources on a website and it helps with regular site audits to ensure that your site is always set up for SEO success.

How does CommerceBlend conduct a site audit?

SEO is a continuous effort that involves the consistent checking and optimizing of your website. CommerceBlend auditor has the best reputation for being easy-to-use, thorough, accurate and comprehensive. We have highlighted a few points to give you insight into how CommerceBlend runs a site audit.
When you run the website URL through CommerceBlend Audit Tool, the site auditor crawls through your website and generates a comprehensive report of all the website issues.

1. Content

The content displayed on the website must be unique and the same copy should not be published on more than one page. Every page on your website serves a specific purpose, so the content on those pages must be written to match. Duplicate content creates problems for search engine crawlers and leads to poor search results. A site audit identifies which pages are ranking for your focus keywords – and which pages may not be ranking at all.The issues specified by the site auditor could add up to the list of rewriting page titles, writing precise meta descriptions, adding headers and more.

Common SEO and content issues:

  • Duplicate, short, long, or missing title tags
  • Duplicate, short, long, or missing meta descriptions
  • Duplicate image alt text or title text
  • Google Analytics code missing
  • Presence or absence of H2, H3, etc. headings
  • Non-optimized internal links and anchor text
  • Concise and helpful content

2. Technical Errors

Fixing the technical issues will help your site run more smoothly and be more user friendly.
The site auditor generates a list of technical errors:

  • Crawl errors: Appears when the tool identifies a page that is unable to be crawled by search engine tools.
  • XML site map: Determines whether your site map is formatted properly, includes all updated pages, etc.
  • Page load time: Slow speed impedes user experience. Helps determine whether your site and pages load with accurate speed.
  • Broken images: All the images must show correctly on the website and should not show broken links.
  • Broken links: Finds if any external or internal links are broken(i.e. aren’t accessible to users or the page it is pointing to no longer exists)
  • Mobile friendliness: Makes sure you have a user friendly desktop and mobile version for your website. The image below clarifies that 60% of google searches come from mobile devices.

3. Social Sharing

The auditor checks for tags added to a website to help users share pages and posts through social media handles like facebook, twitter, instagram and so on. Every social media platform follows specific guidelines that may help perform better in search results.


A site audit gives a chance to inspect the robustness of your website’s technical framework and infrastructure, assess how friendly your website is to search engines, and determine how easy it is for users to navigate and intuitively find content on your website.
To conduct a site audit with CommerceBlend, sign up and try for free.

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