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Browsing Experience For Customer Retention

Over the years, internet browsers have become a powerful tool for surfing and exploring websites and are easy access to any product or service online. With many browsing options available most of the brands have developed their digital presence and website platforms to reach out to their target groups. Website development is a crucial element as it involves some important [...]

How Can Google Analytics Help In Micro Targeting Your Audience?

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools in targeting where your audience comes from, monitoring your website visitors, analyzing the data and providing enormous information about the target groups who are interested in your website content, services they are looking for, the platforms and other information details like how they are reaching your website. Why does Google analytics [...]

7 Ways To Tailor Browsing Experience To Target Audience Segments

Every incoming user to your website is unique with their agenda. However, one similarity that they all share is how an e-commerce website adapts to match their requirements. Today, we are going to precisely talk about this form of strategy that allows you to tailor your browsing experience to target these audience segments. Remember the first time, you entered a [...]

Micro Targeting For Online Audience using Social Media for Ecommerce Companies

Running a successful eCommerce business is empowered by implementing targeted and customized marketing strategies through digital mediums. Of these, the most sought after strategy is micro-targeting online audience using social media channels for your eCommerce company. What is micro-targeting? Micro-targeting or micro-niche targeting is the process of targeting audiences by segmenting them categorically, concerning their interests and demographics, and targeting [...]

How to Use GA and Hotjar for Website Maintenance?

These days we’re hearing a lot about “agile innovation.” Teams using agile processes get things done faster than teams using traditional processes, and they keep customers happier. Agile methods will keep your websites up and running, minimizing downtime during the influx of website traffic regarding website maintenance. An offshoot of agile, continuous delivery lets organizations release small, incremental updates regularly. [...]

B2B Social Media (Part III) – B2B Buyer Touchpoints in the Customer Journey

B2B Customer Journey Buying is a journey, and customers need the right signals to reach their destination. Each phase of the customer cycle requires different cues to be effective. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most effective B2B marketing and social media strategies at each touchpoint to keep prospective clients moving forward towards the purchase and beyond. [...]

Is the B2B Marketplace the Right Place for You?

In 2012, Jeff Bezos launched AmazonSupply, a venture into the unsexy world of B2B distribution. Currently, the Amazon Business site has 9 million business-relevant items, ranging from stethoscopes to tractor equipment and pretty much everything in between. B2B marketplace is a big opportunity that we cannot miss now.. Making B2B Distribution ‘Sexy’ The global retail market roughly recorded 9.9% of [...]

4 Examples of Ultimate Customer Experience on Mobile

Mobile has changed how customers make decisions about almost everything. One of the biggest advantages of the mobile era we now live in is our ability to get information that we need on-demand—anywhere,any time. All of this new information at our fingertips enables customers to examine their choices in much greater detail, helping to increase the confidence in their decisions. [...]

How to Create More Personalized User Experiences with Magento 2 Extensions

How Magento 2 extensions help personalize UX With the rising role of self-education in the customer journey and the vast majority of website visitors that prefer to remain anonymous, it has never been more critical for online companies to find ways to turn anonymous visitors into viable prospects. Although one-third of marketers see personalization as the most important factor in [...]

Exploiting the Mobile-Desktop Relationship in 2017

Mobile & Desktop Relationship Mobile became the new normal in 2016 and since then it has continued penetrating the market. B2B mobile use is on an upward trend. B2B researchers are heavy mobile users, not just when they are out and about, but to compare prices, read about products, compare features, and contact retailers wherever they are. Many B2C e-commerce [...]

B2B Social Media (Part II) — 5 Effective Ways To Quickly Grow B2B Social Media Followers

Grow your social media followers faster Long sales cycles, complex purchasing decisions, and a laser-focus on ROI make B2B marketing seem far more serious—and far less lighthearted —than its B2C marketing cousin. As traditional B2B marketing went digital, social media initially lagged. Today, however, many industry-defining B2B brands (including the likes of EMC, Cisco, Accenture, and SalesForce) have not only [...]

B2B Social Media (Part I) – Which Networks Reach Your Audience?

This is the first installment of the B2B Social Media series. There’s no better way to reach a huge audience for relatively little money than with a B2B social media presence. That’s why more than 93 percent of B2B marketers use social media as a rising channel where B2B buyers hang out more often. When it comes to choosing the [...]

Why is B2B the New B2C?

The Lines Are Blurring There is no denying that a blurring of lines between B2C and B2B marketing has evolved. The days when B2B buyers act in distinctly different ways from B2C buyers are over. An exceptional consumer experience can positively impact the purchasing decisions of B2B executives as B2B buyers expect a superior customer experience throughout the purchase funnel. Technology [...]

Mapping Customer Journey: Dig Up Micro-Moments

Life comprises moments and experiences. As digital has been the second sphere where we build our life in, digital experience opened a new frontier for brands to compete on. Brands are looking for the micro-moments to architect a unique customer experience to pull customers in and retain them. That’s why mapping out a customer journey will empower you with the [...]

Optimize B2B Website Performance – 10 Needs, 5 Examples

You’ve got your B2B online presence established, but deep down, you know you’re missing out on sales. With all the potential needs (we count 50 of them), how do you decide where to optimize B2B website performance? The MoSCoW method brings simplicity to this critical process. Warren Buffett says you have to know what you want, but how? Identify & [...]


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